Crack Sealing Tape

Brand new materail for pavement crack sealing, for emergency use is suggested.,5 times of work efficiency compared to the traditional sealing. Workable in winter, repair the crack quickly, no need to clear, no carbon, energy conservation, environmental protection.

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Product introduction
    No need of equipments, no damaged crack sealing technical, brand new materail, for emergency use is suggested.
1、 Easy operation---- immediately fixed. Floor the tape after pavement cleaned, no need to use the traditional heating equipment.
2、 Rapid construction-----several times fast compared the sealing machine. Because of the
easy operation of crack sealing tape, greatly improve the work efficiency compared to the
traditional way.
3、 Reliable quality-----attractive an durable。Sealing by the tape can protect the pavement from out of shape and broken.No rise by wheels, overcome the edge failure after slotting and sealing. Effectively prevent the spread of pavement cracks.

4、 Security and environmenal protection-----No toxic side effects on construction workers。
5、 Application range
Suitable for the sealing repair for crevice and cracks of asphalt/ concrete highway, express pavements and runway.Traffic can be recover immediately after construction.
6、 Main performance
Easy and fast, anytime and anywher, traffic opened after sticed, protect the broked caused by cracks timely.
Free to bend with the fracture strike, 100% along the crack sealing seam, ensure the sealing quality.
Suitable for the area where there is big temepreture difference. Even high temeperature at the pavement, the prodcut will not pollute the pavement caused be squeezed by wheels.

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