Ultrathin Asphalt Paver

The Self-Designed DAT-9000 Ultrathin Asphalt Paver is the professional equipments for highway asphalt pavement preventive maintenance. The DAT-9000 can pave ultrathin asphalt layer for road maintenance, also can work as a normal paver, The integrated the function of modified bitumen emulsion spraying system makes it more excellent.

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Main Features

Engine, Power divider, hydraulic pump, valves and motors all adopt the world famous brand. High reliability and high working stability.

Adopt the hydraulic track crawling system. Moving steady, high paving speed, wide speed-adjusting range.

Unique auger system and iron plate design can prevent the material aggregation and achieve a high flatness and density.

Equipped with powerful electrical heating system, iron plate and vibrorammer can be heated up immediately at the same time.

The bitumen emulsion spraying module adopts pulse-type spraying, spraying even, wide adjusting range. The spraying system adopt the both of electrical and thermal oil heating technical, quick heating and avoid the nozzle and pipeline block.

Advantage of the Ultrathin Paving technology

Renew the road in the initial distress.
The ultrathin asphalt concrete wearing coarse with 8-10 year life span.
The rough wearing coarse will increase the antiskid.
Low noisy, good water drainage, reducing the water splashing.
The 2cm Wearing coarse could have a strong binding strength with old asphalt pavement, and extend the road service life.
Shorted the construction time and quick open traffic. 20 minutes later after compaction.

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