Circumference Cutting Machine YJQ-1500

YJQ-1500 type covers cutting machine, designed for urban road motor vehicle lanes covers the surrounding concrete or asphalt pavement round cut. To provide a clear road covers damage around the area, the surface appearance after the repair, to extend the life of the road.

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Specifically for the circle cutting of cement concrete or asphalt pavement nearby the manhole covers at the motor vehicle lanes of urban road.Provide the cutting area for cleaning of damaged pavement surround the manhole cover.Good appearance after repaied and extend the work time of pavement.

Model YJQ-1500
Dimensions 1100*1050*1750MM
Weight 350KG
Min Cutting Diamater 750MM
Max Cutting Diamater 1500MM
Max Cutting Depth 120MM
Water Tank 60L
Engine Briggs & Stratton
Rated Power 18HP/13.3KW
Emission 570cc
Roted Speed 3600r/min
Fuel Tank Unleaded Gasoline/6L
Engine Oil 1.5L
Start Electric Power

1.High performance motor, used by the US high-performance, high durability gasoline engine,stable the power support of the equipment, low fuel consumption make the devices more economical
2、Easy operation:cutting controled by wireless remote, easy operation, safer and reliable the construction process.
3、Adjustable cutting semidiameter:the cutting semidiameter can be adjusted by handle, choose the suitable cutting diameter arroding to the damaged condition before cutting, high the work efficiency.
4、Adjustable cutting depth:the cutting depth can be adjusted by handle, choose the suitable cutting depth arroding to the damaged condition before cutting, high the work accuracy.
5、Stepless variable cutting down speed: the down speed of blade can be adjusted according to the different strength of road, high the operation efficiency.
6、Automatic limit function:Up and down of the blade has function of automatic limit function, it will stop af ter arrived the setting depth. Protect the safety and reliability;also has the function of max height for blades to protect the device to be damaged from misoperation,increased the reliability.
7、Centre location:equiped independent foundation to locate the cutting centre,easy and reliable.
8、Easy moving way:Moving way is by draggin, easy to pass, fit to various of working place, satisfied the repair needs of single lane.

10、Automatic dedusting and noise reduction setting: automatic water dedusting setting, big volume water tan can meet the need of long time work.Meanwhile protect the blades omnibearing, more safe and little noise druing operetion.

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