Crack Sealing Machine GD5X-500

Specifically for medium and large cracks and cracks appeared after the opening of the initial pavement highway, national and provincial, county and township road...

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Specially used to sealing the crakes and crevices in the pavement of express ways,highways,municipal streets and ariports after new opening and heavy reparied.After notched by crack router and sealing by special sealing gule,ensure the whole usability and working time.

Model GD5X-120 GD5X-350 GD5X-500
Dimensions(mm) 1900*1000*1600 3100*1640*1960 4580*2150*2500
Weight 250KG 1300KG 2000KG
Engine Honda Gasoline Honda Gasoline YANMAR water-cooled diesel generator
Rated Power 2.3KW 5.5KW 21.2KW
Melter Capacity 120L 350L 500L
Hose 5M 6M 6M
Voltage 220V 220V 75V
Diesel Capacity 62L 110L
Heat Transfer Oil Capacity 30L 80L 95L

Loadbearing system of light truck tire improved the moving security greatly.The heating bin for sealing gun is equiped at the tail of engine kettle.The switch of material pump is equiped at the handle of sealing gun,which easier to operate.

2、Centralized control box of temperature
Double digital LCD temperature controller:timingly display and adjust the temperature of heat transger fluid,sealing glue and flexiable tube,which intuitively and exactly.

3、Sealing gun
Original design of electric switch on the handle of sealing gun can control the material pump long-rong,reduce the waste of sealing glue.

Melt materail adopts engine kettle with heat transfer fluid adopt,heating indirectly, temperature can be adjustable and keep warm automatically.No scorched the sealing material.

The fire blos to combustor partition at 45’degree slantly down.No touch with the engine kettle directly,can burn the air in the combustor fully,high usage of heat engery.

270 degree turning freedown on demand.Longer worktime.High bend bearing fully meet the operation needs during the road maintenance of transverse and longitudinal cracks,ensure the maxiam operation area.

7、Lowest height of charging position
Low position of operation and charging,with the splashed protection,which increased work security.Materail of thermal insulation is equiped on both materail box and fexiable tube to avoid hurting workers.

Brand variable speed motor, simple construction,easy to use and maintain.

9、MOVING WAY——dragging and pushing by hand
Small volume, light weight, two ways in moving by drag and hand push,two people can achieve the job.

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